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Academic support is provided to students in grades 5-12 who are enrolled in an accredited online school. The program supplements a virtual school experience with daily interactions between students and educators in a classroom-like environment.

LTP Scholars promotes a growth mindset, civic engagement, and qualities like grit, drive, kindness, respect and responsibility. Community service, school activities, and field trips help create meaningful connections and friendships for the entire LTP Scholars community.


LTP Scholars’ community building efforts extend beyond the classroom and tennis courts. Events such as the Valentine’s Dance, Halloween Carnival and Field Day are woven into the daily schedule to allow all students to actively engage with their peers.

Volunteer opportunities at the Credit One Charleston Open, ATP Tournament and 100K tournaments throughout the year provide LTP Scholars’ students the ability to develop relationships while giving back to the community that has supported their growth as student-athletes.

The graduation ceremony at LTP Scholars highlights our community building as the capstone event of the year, where seniors are given the opportunity to reflect on their high school experiences. LTP Scholars build meaningful relationships that will have lifelong academic, social and emotional impacts for them and others.

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LTP Scholars student-athletes are highly sought after by NCAA schools across the country and are often offered the opportunity to commit early in their junior year.

The combined strength of the program, close facilitator-coach relationships, and coordination of schedules and services allow student-athletes to maintain rigorous training schedules while pursuing high academic achievement, ultimately easing the recruitment process.

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LTP Scholars offers academic support to prepare students for top tier universities.

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LTP Academy offers high-performance programming to help aspiring tennis players prepare to compete at the collegiate level and beyond.

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